Cost-effective cyber & privacy solutions for SMEs

Your Organisation's portal to manage data and cyber security.

Let’s look at your data obligations

Understand Obligations

Understand data-related obligations and how to manage them

Achieve Peace of Mind

Take the pain out of cyber security, letting you focus on your business

Enhance Assurance

Satisfy key supplier, legal or insurer requirements for data security

Manage Incident Response

Ready-made guides to help you navigate a cyber incident

What we offer

What We Offer

We help you understand your organisation's cyber obligations & risk profile

We provide the tools & guidance to mitigate cyber security risk

You access your Dashboard to monitor & manage cyber risks

Get on with managing & running your organisation

We assist in identifying and managing cyber security risks.

Offer resources & advice to minimize cybersecurity threats.

Monitor and manage cyber risks via dashboard effectively.

Manage cyber aspects in overall cybersecurity strategy.

We simplify cyber security and privacy management, taking the pain and uncertainty out of a complex issue.

Let’s look at your data obligations

Implement your Organisation’s comprehensive cyber security strategy within the hour

Step 1

General Organisation Q&A

1. Identify key regulatory obligations applicable to your Organisation.

Step 2

Establish a secure account

1. Set up your Organisation’s  Account

2. Set up multi-factor authentication on your account

Step 3

Cyber Security Q&A

Assessment & pathway to cyber resilience

1. Understand your Organisation’s current cyber status (resilience)

2. Access action plans to improve resilience

3. Access & adopt key cyber security and privacy policies

4. Review, allocate and track actions

5. Invite team members and build a culture of cyber security


Security is an integral part of our systems at ResoluteRM
We’ve implemented robust measures to protect your information which are continually assessed and reviewed


We enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) in our systems for added security.


We enforce strong encryption of all data, stored & backed up in Australian data centres.

Website Security

All information visible in our system is securely encrypted when it's moving over the internet.

Data Privacy Policy

We adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles to protect your Organisation’s data.

Start with our free assessment tool now.


Try before you buy - first month is free

No strings attached – we won’t even ask for your credit card on sign up.

Your only investment right now is your time – and we have streamlined things so even that investment is limited.

Cost versus benefit is starting to tilt towards ResoluteRMs comprehensive cyber security solution.

About Us

Who we are

The Team at ResoluteRM have founded, built and run Australian SMEs that have sensitive data at their core. We understand the pressures of running SMEs, and know first-hand what a relief it is to find a cost-effective & functional solution to a 'prickly' problem. ResoluteRM is the solution to Australian SME's prickly cyber security problem.

What we do

For Australian SMEs, we help them ( a ) understand what their data-related security obligations might be, ( b ) assess their current cyber security resilience or 'posture', and ( c ) provide a suite of easy-to-use tools to get an effective, fit-for-purpose cyber security strategy in place ASAP. Policies, Workflows, Reminders and Dashboards. The whole shebang.

Why we do it

SMEs have their hands full managing the day-to-day operations. Often cyber security is overlooked, or at least put to the bottom of the pile. However, cyber risks are real and a cyber incident can have material, even catastrophic, consequences for Organisations. We are here to help SMEs deal with the risk head on, and allow them to sleep a little easier at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many organisations know they need to improve their cyber security, but do not know where to start and what to actually do. Government and industry guidance is complex, technical and loaded with jargon. ResoluteRM guides organisations to the cyber ‘starting line’, and provides roadmaps and tools to manage the journey towards cyber resilience and risk mitigation. It is important to note that organisations don’t achieve cyber resilience in 1 day and a few button clicks, but rather by establishing behaviours, controls and actions that, over time, reduce cyber security risks.

Cyber security risk is real, and the consequences of a cyber attack for organisations can be material.  Every day we see new attacks on reputable organisations, big and small.  Typically more than 50% of smaller organisations that suffer a material cyber attack ultimately do not survive.  When the costs of doing nothing are so severe, organisations cannot afford to be complacent about cyber security anymore.

In this case, you may want to use ResoluteRM to check any gaps in your strategy.  Your I.T. team, along with your leadership team, can leverage the tools, workflows, policies and registers we have built. 

We hear this a lot.  

We know that many external I.T. service providers are providing specific services to their clients (i.e. your organisation). If these service providers cover everything we set out in our 60-or-so actions and our 6 policies, then we agree that ResoluteRM is probably not necessary. You can always use ResoluteRM to check if you have any gaps in your current cyber strategy.

Your organisation can benefit from a cyber security strategy, and implementable actions, within the hour.

Typically there are about 60 actions over the course of an entire year that are designed to minimise an organisation’s cyber attack surface, and therefore minimise cyber security risk. We provide guidance relating to these actions to ensure they are practical and implementable.  We have built our product so other users can be added, and actions can be shared out to team members best suited to carry out the tasks.

Hit Get Started on our website, and then : 

  1. Answer about 10 questions (5 minutes) which allows us to highlight your data obligations
  2. Set up an account with multi-factor authentication (1 minute)
  3. Answer 30 or basic questions about how your organisation currently operates and manages data security (30 minutes).

After this, you will be able to unlock tools to start managing your cyber risks.

A secure portal that contains : 

  • An understanding of your organisation’s obligations
  • An assessment it’s security ‘posture’ or R_Score (which improves over time as actions are completed)
  • 6 full-documented key policies (cyber security framework, privacy policy, third-party supplier policy, cyber security awareness training policy, cyber incident response plan, and the disaster recovery policy)
  • Access to registers where you can record and monitor hardware, software and third-party suppliers used by your organisation
  • A workflow management tool with 60+ actions (and the ability to add, change, delete, and reschedule)
  • The ability to assign actions to members of the team and trigger notifications on upcoming and overdue actions
  • Your dashboard to manage all of the above, and report to the border executive committee  

Pretty good value-for-money, we think.

Our guidance material is based primarily on the significant amount of information on the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs website,, managed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

The short answer is no.  But now, by implementing ResoluteRM, you are significantly reducing the surface area for cyber attack, thereby reducing the risk that it might happen to your Organisation.

Start with our free assessment tool now

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